SusHack #3

What is SusHack?

SusHack is a free one-day hack day that's taking place on Saturday 4th July 2015, from 9:30am until 6pm (or whenever we finish).

SusHack helps developers get together to create solutions to sustainability problems using their skills in development and lots of coffee.

The aim of the hack day isn't to deliver any polished software, but to rapidly take something from an idea through to a working/demonstrable piece of software.

SusHack is completely free to attend. We've got the space, food/refreshments and WiFi, all you need to bring is yourself and your laptop.

What can we do at SusHack?

That's entirely up to you. You could work on sustainability-themed hacks, or work on your own personal projects. You can work solo, or you can work in pairs/teams with your friends, or people you've met on the day.

If you've got any project ideas already, you can either email them to or comment on the SusHack project ideas ticket on GitHub, so that we have ideas to inspire people on the day.

If you'd like to know how we treat our attendees, check out our code of conduct.

How can you sign up for SusHack?

  1. Create a Github account, or sign in with your Github account.
  2. Go to our attendees.yml file on Github.
  3. Click the 'Edit' button.
  4. Add your details, in the same format as the other attendees. You can generate an md5 of your email address either using the terminal as it says at the top of attendees.yml, or using an online service such as
  5. When you're done, click 'Propose file change' at the bottom of the page.
  6. On the next page, just click 'Send pull request'.
  7. Now just wait for us to approve your change, and then you'll find yourself on the attendees list!

Who is going to SusHack?

When and where is SusHack?

SusHack #3 will be held on Saturday 4th July 2015, at the 2degrees office in Summertown, Oxfordshire.

Here is a map, and the full address:

2degrees, 228 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7BY

SusHack #1

SusHack #1 was held in November 2013. We worked with the folks from LoveHz to bootstrap the Oxford Flood Network.

All of the attendees worked together on various aspects of the Flood Network, and by the end of the day we had everything up and running along with a prototype front-end to demonstrate how the sensor data could be used.

You can view the output of all of the projects here:

You can read what people had to say about SusHack #1 here:

SusHack #2

SusHack #2 was held at the 2degrees offices in Summertown again, a really nice space with plenty of desks for people to split in to teams and work on their projects, while still being able to talk to other teams.

The teams worked on the following projects:

  • Do - A "habits thingy", a tool for socially recording daily habits, such as cycling to work rather than driving.
  • Drupal site for recording thermal imaging data - The start of an application for a local community to schedule thermal imaging camera visits, and record the data/observations.
  • Wild Swim Quality - A presentation of water quality data overlaid on a map, to make it easy to locate water that is safe for wild swimming.
  • Oxford Air Quality Monitoring - This application allows to see Oxford air quality measurements with advanced visualisation.

You can read what people had to say about SusHack #2 here:

SusHack is organised by

SusHack has been organised by Max Glenister (@omgmog) and Gil Goncalves (@lurst), two developers based in Oxford.

To get updates about SusHack, follow us on Twitter.

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